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Wireless Panic Button/ Remote Control for scenarios

  • False Alarm Prevention: Yes (In the Panic mode)
  • Adjustable Alarm types: Intrusion, Fire, Medical Help,Panic button, Gas leak
  • Protection class: IP55

Data-rich alarms. Lightning-fast commands

Button immediately notifies an alarm monitoring company about the intrusion, gas leak, or fire. Moreover, it can request medical help and inform relatives about a sudden health deterioration in just one click.

In panic mode, the device supports one of 8 types of events. The type of event determines the alarm code sent to the security company monitoring station and the notification text received by the user. This ensures an accurate response to the threat.

Panic mode

Press the panic button to instantly call a security company patrol and alert all the system users about the danger.

Moreover, Button can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with a single or double clicks.

Button (8IN)

₹3,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,400.00Sale Price
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