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Advanced Control Panel with alarm photo verification support 

  • Nos. of devices connected to the hub: 200 - Nos. of users: 200
  • Video surveillance: 100 cameras or DVRs
  • Nos. of rooms & groups: 50 rooms & 25 groups
  • Nos. of ReX: 5 & Scenarios: 64
  • MotionCam Detectors Support: Yes
  • Communication: Wifi, Ethernet, GSM (Micro SIM2G/3G/LTE)

Always in touch — via cables, Wi-Fi, LTE

Communication with the outer world is critical for alarm control panels. Its reliability guarantees prompt delivery of alarm signals to Alarm Receiving Center and system users.

Hub 2 Plus makes external communication stability absolute. It has 4 communication channels and supports LTE. Such configuration allows you to connect the device to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi while having two cellular services ready for back up. Switching between channels happens seamlessly in seconds.

Hub-2 Plus (8IN)

₹39,070.00 Regular Price
₹31,256.00Sale Price
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