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Key Features:

Ultimate Beauty

*Ingenuity design Beauty appearance, Highly texture.
*Toughened Glass Surface Prevents the scratch from knives or something hard.
*Dampproof available for humid operation.
*Fire Retardant Strengthen protection for the short circuit of power lines.

Voice Control

Work with Amazon Alexa (Echo/Dot/Spot/Tap), Google Assistant, Turn on/off lights with voice

commands. Compatible with Android 4.1 or higher. Support 2.4GHz and 4G Wi-Fi, Unable to work 5G!

LED Night Navigation
The navigation will be shimmering all through the night, with its help, you can easily spot the position of other lights. The light is so soft that it wouldn’t disturb your sleep at all. Shimmering as it is, still it’s bright enough to guide you into the bathroom.

WiFi Modular Fan Regulator Black

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