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Home Automation & Security

Plot No. 130, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh

Welcome to the future of home automation.

We are one of the leading Home Automation & Security System Installers, Suppliers & Manufacturers in Chandigarh.

Automate your home with our cutting-edge solutions and let technology do the work!

Our AIM is to make your life easier and more efficient with our advanced home automation systems.

Now you can say Good-Bye! to manually operated devices wasting time by running from room to room. Now you can take control of tasks remotely with our automated home systems. Our home automation system allows you to monitor, manage and secure your home with just the click of a button.


Secure your front door without ever having to worry about keys again!

S1 Pro

Series 3

Secure your front door without ever having to worry about keys again!

Make your life easier and more secure with smart door locks from Phamvio Technologies. With features like biometrics unlock, password unlock, Guest OTP, card key unlock, mobile app unlock , and Emergency key unlocking, you can keep your property secure at all times. Plus, Phamvio's advanced locking technology ensures maximum security for your home or office without compromising convenience.


We also provide complete installation of our product to complete guide door lock functionality at your doorstep.

So Don't settle for traditional security systems — upgrade to Phamvio's smart door locks today and enjoy a sense of safety and assurance with every lock!

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Series S1 Pro
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Series S1 Pro

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Series 3
Gallery & Features

Series 3

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